Material Sourcing

When you know what you need but are unsure how to get it, we come into the picture and help you. If you would also like to see options from the marketplace, we are available to assist you. Our creative experts have years of experience in fabric and leather sourcing and finding anything you need. We also locate the raw materials needed to make your design a reality, which include:

  • Fabrics
  • Leathers
  • Exotics
  • Vegan Leathers
  • PVC
  • Linings
  • Hardware/custom Hardware
  • Zippers

Patterns And Samples

We translate your ideas into a pattern precisely. Once you finalize your design with all your specifications, it becomes a working pattern. And, now you are ready to make a sample! Most of our products are made in New York or New Jersey area through different creative artisans. Our work also includes sample revisions, duplicates, and production.



Please feel free to connect with us, and together, we will work to achieve your dream. If you already have samples, do not wait to put them into production. Our professionals can manage all your production needs with an extensive network of suppliers. It can be made in the USA or overseas.



If you need more than a general meeting, we offer consulting services by the hour to give you a detailed education on whatever you would like to get more in depth information on. Some people request information/ knowledgeable opinions on their product idea, materials, processes, construction techniques, tips for money savings, material usage, overseas process, etc. The consulting will be done by Nicole Levy, who has ran the Baikal Inc factory for the last 15 years and who has had experience building brands such as Rebecca Minkoff among thousands of others.