Majo Sourcing was created to help designers bring their ideas to life without wasting time and money in the “wrong” factory. After 15 years in the industry, our team of experts have worked with thousands of brands bringing products to life. From start ups to well established brands, we have developed some iconic accessories in the market. Over the years, we have developed a large network of material sources and artisans. This helps us to deliver high-quality work, communication, and attention to detail.

We also do production and sourcing overseas in Italy, India, & China.

Each client project is unique- some require made in USA only, some require cost competitive products made overseas, some require new technology integration, vegan materials, etc. We are used to developing any and all types of accessories

Committed to Quality & You

We take pride in having the best sample makers in the world who can bring your sketch to life. We work with most materials, including leather, fabrics, exotics, and more.

Proving excellent products along with exceptional customer care is our priority. When we work together, we strive to build long-lasting relationships with our customers. Our team of friendly staff is always ready to answer your queries. Please feel free to ask us, and we are here for any of your questions along the way.